Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Three-Time BDPA Scholarship Winner: Hung Vo (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Hung Vo is a young man who understands the value of his BDPA student membership. He joined BDPA Atlanta chapter in 2008. Since that time he earned three (3) scholarships from BDPA to support his college education at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The scholarships earned by Hung are:
  1. BDPA-Oracle Scholarship, 2011
  2. BDPA-Oracle Scholarship, 2010
  3. Eli Lilly Scholarship for BDPA Students, 2009
Hung shared his BDPA testimonial with us back in 2009. He updates the story today:

I was first introduced to BDPA and its High School Computer Competition (HSCC) program while a senior in high school in 2008. The program initially attracted me because it gave me a chance to learn computer skills like HTML, ASP, SQL, MYSQL, and other technologies. By the time I graduated from the program 10 months later, I was able create HTML website that pulls data from a MYSQL database using SQL and ASP.

Hung Vo (2nd from right)
Hard skills weren’t the only things I learned. Through the interactions with other students and instructors, I developed my communication, interpersonal, and dare I say leadership skill as well. Even though they were volunteers, the instructors I had like Coach Wes, Mr. Maurice, and Ms. Williams were talented and passionate. They care about us and wanted us to really grow. Even though I worked part time every Friday night and Saturday evening, I was never too tired for BDPA every Saturday morning. BDPA was like a second family to me.

I now have graduated from high school and am currently attending the Georgia Institute of Technology. I got more out of BDPA than just the technical skills. I got an idea – that I was capable of succeeding. The confidence that I gained from BDPA has really propelled me while in college. I am involved with student organizations, community service groups, and currently am co-opting in a global company. BDPA provided me the push that I needed to begin the journey of success that I will continue walking toward no matter the challenges – never looking back except to help those that come behind me.

Hung is a young man that makes all of BDPA proud with his accomplishments. We look forward to seeing how his career progresses as he completes his studies.

In the meantime, we can use help from you as we try to raise college scholarship funding for other BDPA Atlanta chapter students. Click here to make a tax-deductible donation.

If not you, who? If not now, when?

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