Sunday, August 3, 2008

Chapter Building Workshop: Selling BDPA

BDPA originated over 30 years ago out of concerns that minorities were not adequately represented in the information technology industry. BDPA provides education, training and professional development programs "from the classroom to the boardroom" for students, professionals, entrepreneurs and our community.

The theory behind BDPA is simple. However, the execution of the steps that need to be taken to grow local BDPA chapters is much more difficult. There are over 300,000 people of African descent in the technology industry ... yet, BDPA only has a handful of chapters with more than 100 members. There are thousands of corporations and foundations that fund non-profits ... yet, BDPA only has a handful of corporate sponsors or winning grant proposals.

A chapter building workshop, 'Selling BDPA' scheduled for Friday, August 8, 2008, will give tips and techniques that can be put to use immediately in areas such as marketing, corporate sales, membership growth and fundraising.

The presenter, Wayne Hicks, is a demonstrated expert in this field. Wayne grew the BDPA Cincinnati chapter from six (6) members to over 200 members in a little over a year. His chapter won back-to-back Chapter of the Year awards under his leadership. He later served as national president at a time when BDPA membership hit an all-time high in its 30-year history. BDPA published a monthly newsletter, quarterly magazine and delivered world-class national conferences in Dallas and Detroit under his leadership. He is an entrepreneur who ran the Cincinnati Business Incubator for five years before taking the helm of the BDPA Education & Technology Foundation.

Mr. Hicks is uniquely qualified to share tangible tips and technigues that will help any BDPA leader. His message is equally useful for anyone that runs a small business or serves as an officer for a non-profit organization outside of BDPA world.

Have you registered for this workshop yet?

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