Friday, August 15, 2008

Gift to the Class of 2009 and Others

I want to make a special contribution to the "Class of 2009" and those that are currently preparing their child or children for college (9th-12th graders or younger) to give you a head start on the college preparation process. It is my goal that no child or parent is left behind in the college preparation process. It is important that parents/students learn the process properly and not wait years trying to catch up. The information I am providing is for any one wanting to prepare his or her child for college regardless of what age or race they might be.

I have a concern and passion for the African American group, because they need assistance with the process. I find that so many of them don't know the proper way to prepare for college. As with anything, we must take the time to teach properly and then allow experience to follow. In the end, "knowledge is power, if used properly."

Please click the link below to understand the college preparation process:

Gift to the Class of 2009 -- more

Also, check out the many scholarships and other opportunities on my the blog: Planning and Preparing for College (Scholarships, Internships, Etc). The blog is located at

As always, share this information with others.

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Villager said...

Asante sana Callie! I'm grateful to you for your service as a continuing 'guest blogger' here on the BDPA Foundation blog. This information for Class of 2009 is on target!