Saturday, August 30, 2008

Grant Declination: The Boston Foundation

We learned today that our $5,000 funding request to The Boston Foundation on behalf of BDPA Boston chapter has been denied.

The Boston Foundation wrote, "The staff reviewed and discussed all of the Pre-Applications submitted and we regret to inform you that the Boston Foundation will not be inviting a full proposal from your organization at this time.

The Foundation's limited discretionary grant budget necessitates some difficult decisions. Please be aware that this is not intended in any way as a comment on the quality and importance of your organization and its programs, but simply reflects the dilemma of a community foundation wit limited resources available to address the myriad of needs and opportunities that exist in the Greater Boston area.

Your organization is eligible to submit a new Pre-Application Form for the July 1, 2009 deadline."

BDPA Boston chapter is working on their business plans for CY-2009. Our hope is that they will decide to participate in the IT Showcase or HSCC at the 31st annual BDPA Technology Conference in Raleigh NC.

Have you made donation or pledge to BDPA Foundation yet? Just reply to this message if you want to do so today!

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