Friday, August 8, 2008

7 Great Reasons to be a BDPA Member!

I have been a BDPA member since 1988. Currently, I serve as the executive director of the BDPA Education & Technology Foundation. We are trying to raise $2,000,000 for our Bemley Scholarship Fund and another $5,000,000 for our Endowment Fund.

Charity begins at home.

I am hopeful that all BDPA members or supporters reading this post will take a moment to make a tax-deductible donation. Your donation demonstrates your commitment to our non-profit organization.

After all, ain't it great to be a BDPA member? Here are 7 great reasons to be a BDPA member:
  1. Impact - Be part of a national movement and make a difference in the lives of African American IT professionals as we work together to create diverse work environments and supportive communities.
  2. Leadership - Advance your career by building leadership skills from people who care about your future. Participate in volunteer opportunities that match your professional goals and strengthen your existing skills.
  3. Networking - Exchange ideas, share common goals and explore opportunities with African American IT professionals across the nation. Connect with mentors, colleagues, entrepreneurs and senior level managers that can assist you in advancing your career.
  4. Youth Education - Help in the educational and professional development of BDPA student members through our mentoring and SITES programs.
  5. Career Enhancement - Participate in programs and certification courses that are designed to advance your career. Gain access to the BDPA Career Center or the BDPA IT Institute to upgrade your position or skills.

  6. Benefits & Discounts - Receive discounts on computer equipment, business services, telecommunications, car rentals and hotel rooms! Also, complimentary subscriptions to major magazines and much more.
  7. Extensive Information Network - Obtain quick and easy access to relevant up-to-date information about topics essential for advancing the careers of African American IT professionals.

Feel free to ask for more details on any of these 7 benefits. You can join or renew your BDPA membership here.

Also, I truly hope that you took time to make your tax-deductible donation!

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All - Why did you join BDPA?