Wednesday, August 13, 2008

2008 Best Black Blogs recently completed a 3-step process to determine the Best Black Blogs.

The first step involved identifying the top 50 Black owned/operated blogs as measured by Technorati authority. The second step was a popular vote from anyone in the blogosphere to narrow the finalist down to 20 blogs. Finally, used seven criteria to determine the Best Black Blogs.

The Best Black Blogs according to (with current Black Blog Ranking in parenthesis) are:
  1. Oliver Willis (BBR # 5)
  2. What About Our Daughters (BBR #15)
  3. Black Looks (BBR #37)
  4. The Field Negro (BBR #13)
  5. Ill Doctrine (BBR # 106)
  6. Undercover Blackman (BBR #38)
  7. Pam's House Blend (BBR #1)
  8. Electronic Village (BBR #25)
  9. Black and Missing But Not Forgotten (BBR #46)
  10. AngryBlackBitch (BBR #19)

Yobachi Boswell is the owner of I just want to thank the young brother for taking time to conduct this process! Goes without saying that we are honored to be on this list.

Electronic Village and BDPA Foundation blog are both the creation of Wayne Hicks. We invite all BDPA Foundation blog readers to check out our other blog if you have time or inclination!

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