Wednesday, August 6, 2008

BDPA Conference: Compuware Reception

Compuware sponsored the Opening Ceremonies reception this evening. Over 250 people demonstrated the concept of 'power networking' at this event. Lori Walker, Compuware's global diversity officer and Anquanette Clegg, Compuware associate and BDPA Detroit chapter president greeted everyone as they entered into the reception area.

Earl Pace (founder), Norman Mays (past national president) and Dr. Jesse Bemley (IT Showcase coordinator) were networking hard in the reception.

The only HSCC students in attendance were those from BDPA Detroit chapter. They took advantage of the opportunity to thank Compuware executives and associates in person for the financial support that got them to Atlanta.

I had opportunity to talk with Compuware president/COO Bob Paul about the strength of the realtionship between BDPA and Compuware. My understanding is that Compuware as invested more in BDPA over the course of our existence than any other corporation in the universe. As such, we were pleased that Mr. Paul was able to fly in this evening to address the audience.

Mr. Paul came to the podium after a video presentation showing the evolution of Compuware into its current-state as a worldwide leader in the IT industry. Mr. Paul emphasized two major realities that we face in the IT industry.
  1. First, he noted the declining number of college graduates from North America with degrees in the technology, computer science or related industries. Many college students worry that IT jobs are going offshore and that fear contributes to less students in this critical field of study.

  2. Second, he pointed out that the curriculum being taught in North America at our high schools and colleges as it relates to technology and computer science does not adequately match up with the needs of Corporate America
Mr. Paul noted that Compuware plans to hire 1,000 IT professionals over the next year. He looks forward to seeing BDPA conference participants at the Compuware career fair booth later this week.

Finally, he concluded by thanking BDPA for the continued work that is done with training high school students, mentoring college students, and providing professional development opportunities for IT professionals.

Personally, I hope that we are able to see Compuware featured prominently at the 2009 BDPA Technology Conference that will be held in Raleigh, NC. I would love to see Mr. Paul and his boss, Peter Karmanos giving keynotes!

Raffle winners at the Compuware Reception were Michael Williams (BDPA New Jersey) and Anthony Garrett-Leverette (BDPA Detroit).

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