Thursday, October 9, 2008

Black Unity Prayer Day

Black Unity Prayer Day is an opportunity for Black people all over the world in their homes, at work, their churches, mosques, and temples, to pray for one another. A day to stop the physical, emotional, and spiritual violence with each other. It is a time to stop the inappropriate behavior with each other and start showing true respect by uplifting one another, rebuilding our communities, and strengthening them through aggregate unification.

We invite all BDPAers to be a part of the Black Unity Prayer Day on Thursday October 9, 2008. You’ll share moments of prayer with others of like mind—you are prayer warriors, united in positive attitude, understanding, and love.

Also, we want you to help poverty-stricken classrooms obtain needed funding for crucial supplies by participating in our DonorsChoose 2008 initiative. A number of us have come together as part of a blogger's challenge -- Black Bloggers for Education -- and we need support from our blog readers.

What say u?

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