Friday, October 24, 2008

Dot Com to Dot Org: What to Expect When Employees Make the Transition to the Public Sector

by Molly Brennan

An increasing awareness of the need for business-world skills coupled with a looming leadership deficit has caused many non-profit executives to look to the for-profit world for talent. But transitioning from one sector to the other can be challenging for new hires, management, and co-workers alike.

Looking for Talent
According to some estimates, by 2016, as many as 640,000 new senior managers will be needed in the non-profit sector -- the equivalent of 2.4 times the number currently employed. This dearth of leadership is due in part to the departure of retiring baby boomers, but also to the significant growth of the non-profit sector as a whole and the need for greater financial and management expertise within leadership ranks. One of the most effective ways to address this deficit is to recruit and train employees from the for-profit sector who offer the skills that are needed by many mission-driven organizations.

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