Friday, October 10, 2008

Message from Philadelphia Chapter President

BDPA Philadelphia is the 6th largest chapter in the nation. More importantly, they are the back-to-back BDPA Chapter of the Year.

One reason for their success is the consistent communication from their chapter president, Monique Berry, to all chapter stakeholders (members, entrepreneurs, educational institutions, sponsors and the Black community). Monique focuses on 'The Value of Networking' in her message this month:

Practically every working adult has heard the phrase "It's not what you know, it's who you know." Computer networks have dramatically increased business and personal productivity in the 21st century. We cannot imagine working efficiently without the power of networks providing its users with unique capabilities, above and beyond what individual machines and software applications can provide.

Social Networks are the emerging driver of professional visibility and provide a far broader platform for building relationships than individual networking efforts. Many corporate professionals and entrepreneurs leverage very well known Social Networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, and Twitter to promote awareness of their experience and education. Welcome to the 21st century solution for making "what you know" and "who you know" a far-reaching, powerful tool.

BDPA is proud to present the "Digital Mixer and General Body" meeting on October 15th at 6:00 PM. We recognize the huge potential for Social Network to optimize access to valuable contacts and information. This is a "must attend" event for forward thinkers and movers and shakers. I challenge you to invite at least five people whom you have never met in person, from your virtual network. What a dynamic way to add dimension to your digital world. Exploit the occasion to go beyond virtual access to your network, open it to multiple users, and enhance your connections. This is not your father's networking event!

I look forward to seeing you there.

Monique F. Berry, President
BDPA Philadelphia Chapter
Vision: Partnering for Continued Growth!

I hope that our Philadelphia-based BETF-Blog readers will check out the program meeting on October 15th. I also hope that we will see more BDPA chapter presidents adopting this 'best practice' of communicating with their membership! We would love to publish other chapter president messages this month!

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Hi Monique,

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