Friday, October 31, 2008

Grant Award: The Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia

You may recall that BDPA Richmond and BETF submitted a $20,000 grant proposal to The Community Foundation Serving Richmond & Central Virginia back in July 2008. We requested the funds to support the 2009 youth education programs in the greater Richmond area.

We are pleased to report that The Community Foundation agreed to provide a $10,000 grant in response to our proposal!

It is worth noting that BDPA Richmond successfully worked with this funding source in both 2006 ($17k) and 2007 ($18k). We hope that the other 49 BDPA chapters take a close look at similar community foundations co-located with them. We are willing to work with any other chapter interested in funding from a Community Foundation in their geographic area.

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Villager said...

All - Any other chapters want to explore Community Foundation funding for 2009 programs?