Wednesday, January 28, 2009

BDPA Congratulates President Obama

DESTINY: a predetermined course of events often held to be an irresistible power or agency. -- Merriam Webster

Congratulations, Mr. President, you have fulfilled a great destiny at the hand of an irresistible power at this time in history! BDPA and the BDPA Education & Technology Foundation are proud to extend congratulations and support to Mr. Barack Obama, our 44th President of the United States of America!

Great men walk tall. Great African American men must walk as giants among men; with the will to succeed and surpass circumstances, coupled with the dignity, grace and humility to answer a higher calling or purpose for the benefit of the masses.

BDPA was founded in such a manner in 1975, when Founders Earl A. Pace Jr. and the late David Wimberly walked as giants to establish a professional organization to fill a major void in the information technology industry. Through ceaseless drive and personal networking, the founders built an organization of 35 members, hosted presentations to improve data processing skills and launched a job opportunities announcement service. This nucleus has grown to over 50 chapters throughout the United States and thousands of members.

Today BDPA thrives as a global member focused organization that serves the professional well-being of its stakeholders. BDPA remains committed to excellence and providing a wide spectrum of resources to members, corporate sponsors, businesses, educational institutions and the community. The organization is a catalyst for professional growth and technical development for those in the IT industry.

We welcome new members to BDPA! As technology professionals competing in a global market, we must never stop learning or growing. With membership you always have access to best-in-class benefits and resources that will support your career from the classroom to the boardroom. Membership in BDPA means that you have a partner in achieving your career goals and aspirations.

It is with great pride that we congratulate our nation's first African American president, and in the spirit of historic feats we salute our BDPA founders who made this global network possible.

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