Monday, January 12, 2009

Black Family Technology Awareness Week (February 15-21, 2009)

One of my favorite personalities in the IT industry is Tyrone Taborn. He was a member of the National BDPA Board of Directors back in the day. He runs the Career Communications Group (CCG) in Baltimore. CCG founded Black Family Technology Awareness Week (BFTAW) over a decade ago.

Many BDPA chapters host BFTAW activies in their local area. While the agenda for National Black Family Technology Awareness Week lists the activities on a specific day, you are free to hold any activity at anytime within the month of February.
  • Black Family Technology Sunday
  • Business Empowerment Day
  • Family Technology Day
  • Tech Health Day
  • Tech Education Day
  • Discover Technology Day
  • Technology Leaders Day
  • Black Engineer of the Year Awards celebration

Grants (in-kind and cash) are still available. You can request information from CCG (410.244-7101) or National BDPA (800.727-2372).

Are you aware of any BFTAW activity in your city?


hammerdad said...

This looks like a great event. We will be participating by hosting a workshop at our CTC in the Bronzeville/Woodlawn area of Chicago.

Villager said...

HammerDad - Have you been in touch with our BDPA Chicago cahpter?