Saturday, January 10, 2009

Message from Philadelphia Chapter President

BDPA Philadelphia is the back-to-back chapter of the year award winner. They won those awards for good works completed in CY-2006 and CY-2007. The message below, from BDPA Philadelphia chapter president Monique Berry, lays out a persuasive argument for her chapter to win the prestigious award for a third year in a row!

As BDPA enters its 34th year, it is significant that this past year has been one of the most notable and successful years in our chapter's long and storied history. What do we anticipate in 2009? More success!

Consider some of the accomplishments of 2008 as a testament to success:
The BDPA Philadelphia Chapter begins 2009 in phenomenal shape and well positioned to emphasize our key goals of service to members, service to the profession and excellence in chapter administration.

Record membership, strong financial performance and broad offerings of program meeting topics top the list.

At over 155 members we are one of the 3 largest chapters in the U.S. and we're growing. That's an impressive amount of experience, technical knowledge and networking for you to draw upon. I'm consistently impressed with how willing our members are to talk about and share their work and ideas. And the work we do continues to increase in importance to our companies and organizations.

Financially the chapter begins the year with a cash surplus and has just finished its strategic plan and budget for 2009. We are planning to increase community outreach and investment on college campuses to promote our profession, as well as some expansion of our member networking and social events.

Finally, our core program meetings and events are already well under way with a number of them posted on our web site "Events" section.

I will again urge you to get involved, be a knowledge expert sharing your expertise, or a volunteer making our events and organization happen. See you on January 21st!

Happy 2009!!!
Monique F. Berry, President
BDPA Philadelphia Chapter

I truly enjoy watching the openness and sense of unity (umoja) displayed by this chapter president. I hope that other chapter presidents are watching how Monique operates. Her communication process and style is a 'best practice' that we can use on the national level and with many of the other 49 chapters.

Anyhow, use the COMMENTS option below to share some 'BDPA-Love' with Monique!

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