Wednesday, January 28, 2009

FedEx Social Responsibility

We like to share funding sources for our blog readers whenever possible. FedEx is a large employer with an active community outreach program. The mission of the FedEx Social Responsibility department is to actively support the communities they serve and to strengthen their global reputation through strategic investment of people, resources and network.

Corporate resources include financial contributions, in-kind shipping services and coordination of volunteer services by FedEx employees. Education is vital to the future of communities served by FedEx. FedEx supports organizations that enhance education in the following areas: technology, global economics and trade, cultural diversity and innovative programs that enhance learning.

Requests are accepted year-round and generally are reviewed within three weeks of receipt. FedEx prefers to contribute to specific program needs rather than special events or capital campaigns. They do not accept requests made via telephone or email.

FedEx is especially interested in supporting nonprofit organizations that request: 5% or less of a total project budget; contingency grants; or seed monies with the thought that other sources will contribute matching amounts.

Organizations must show evidence of competent management, low administrative/fundraising expense ratios, and a nondiscriminatory program benefiting broad segments of the community. FedEx heavily weighs employee involvement in groups that seek financial support.

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