Saturday, January 10, 2009

Can Obama Eradicate the Digital Divide?

Building a truly connected America is possible. Already, President-elect Barack Obama has some good ideas. He’s made widespread broadband deployment a major component of his technology agenda; his platform pledges to achieve this goal through reforms such as better use of the nation’s wireless spectrum.

At the same time, a growing alliance of public interest organizations and industry groups are banding together through a national initiative called to push the new administration to act on Obama’s promises.

Yet, we still have too many in our community without access to the Internet. Megan Tady is working on a project called America Offline. Their goal is to humanize the need for widespread broadband deployment in the US. As we work to build a national movement for Internet access and push the next administration to act, it's important that we bring people's stories and the impacts of the digital divide to light -- to put a human face on these issues.

Take a moment to read Megan's first in a series of profiles showing 'America Offline' in her article entitled, 'Offline Youth Struggle in Online World'


Digital Divide said...

I think He'll make some headway. He's made several comments about trying to help America roll out broadband as we rank 15th globally as well.

Villager said...

Digital Divide - Wow! I didn't realize we ranked so low in the world. Any surprises in #1 thru #14 nations on that list?