Tuesday, January 6, 2009

John Eckenrode Joins BDPA Foundation Board of Directors

BDPA Foundation exists to provide funds for the programs and services of BDPA at national and local level. We have a 9-person board of directors who set the policy and direction necessary to raise the funds neccessary for this mission.

We are very proud to welcome our newest board member ... John Eckenrode. Please take a moment to review his bio:

Mr. Eckenrode is the president and founder of CPSI. He has vast experience as an employee and contractor, having progressed through the ranks from programmer to project manager. Mr. Eckenrode started CPSI’s parent company, Innovative Data Processing, Inc., in 1985. In 1990 Mr. Eckenrode changed roles from professional consultant to full time executive, marketing and recruiting roles for the firm. CPSI was a BDPA corporate sponsor in 2005-2008.

Mr. Eckenrode holds both a BS and MS in Industrial Engineering from Lehigh University and a Masters in Business from the Johns Hopkins University. He has been CDP (Certified Data Processor) and CSP (Certified Systems Professional) certified by the Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals. Mr. Eckenrode has 15 years of information technology experience and 18 years of experience in executive, marketing and recruiting roles with CPSI.

Mr. Eckenrode served as the National Association of Computer Consulting Businesses (NACCB) chapter in Washington DC from 2006-2008. He was very active with recent lobbying efforts to repeal the Maryland State computer services sales tax. He co-founded the Maryland Computer Services Association, and is co-chair of the NACCB Maryland Tax Coalition.

Outside of work, Mr. Eckenrode has been active in leadership roles with his son’s Boy Scout troop in Ellicott City, and with his church in Columbia. He lives in Ellicott City with his wife of 23 years and two teenage children
I met Mr. Eckenrode in November 2006 when his company hosted a quarterly national BDPA board meeting in Baltimore MD. His passion for BDPA was obvious to everyone who heard him speak that weekend. As such, I am very pleased to have him on the BDPA Foundation board of directors in 2009!

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