Saturday, July 31, 2010

BDPA Twin Cities HSCC Team (2010)

The student training program hosted by BDPA Twin Cities chapter continues to grow and strengthen.  The chapter's program is free and available to all that have a true passion for technology -- no student excluded.  The chapter continues to expand offerings serving a variety of educational levels (beginning to advanced).

Students become comfortable with "being nerdy".

The program is held on Saturdays and involves a great group of dedicated volunteers (instructors, parents and HSCC alumni).    This year the 'circle of learning' continues -- Students Teaching Students!

Classes are exciting and students learn programming, analysis, design, project management and team building skills.   They are gaining exposure to "real world" programming knowledge.

The photo above is the five students on the 2010 national HSCC team trained by BDPA Twin Cities.  Wish them luck!

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