Friday, July 16, 2010

What is BDPA? Tynesha Harris (North Carolina State University)

BDPA, a volunteer run professional associaton, relies on word-of-mouth to reach out to its stakeholder community (e.g. members, educational institutions, entrepreneurs, corporate sponsors and the Black community). Many people have never heard of BDPA. In June of 2010, the BDPA Social Networking Team asked the question What is BDPA? with surprising results.

BDPA is a dream promoter.

For me BDPA is a dream come true. I am an social entrepreneur and masters student at North Carolina State University studying public administration and nonprofit management and I aspire to uplift and motivate young people to learn innovative trends in technology.

I came from a rural community in Illinois where it was difficult to even find an Internet connection let alone learn about social networking and online philanthropy. I am very thankful for organizations that support underserved populations and I know that BDPA will help millions do that.
Every time I receive an email or message from BDPA I share it with all my students and they are always so amazed at the opportunities that are available. Some students need exposure to greatness so they can truly learn what is lying dormant in their own lives.

In my organization, Destiny Fulfilled Leadership Inc., I teach 21st century technology skills, entrepreneur skills, nonprofit management, leadership and character development and arts education. Although my program is new I see the tremendous impact we are making in North Carolina, Illinois, California and Missouri through social networking. I connect all my students and their parents with mentors in all professions and allow them to be globally connected. I know that BDPA will help me continue to fulfill this purpose by constantly sharing great information that inspires and motivates daily.

I know that BDPA is a catalyst for change for many people's lives and I am truly thankful for the oppurtunity to be involved in this awe-inspiring organization.

I just joined in the last month but I know with BDPA the possibilities are endless!

-Ty D. Harris, Executive Director
Destiny Fulfilled Leadership Inc

Ty gives a passionate response to the query, 'What is BDPA?'. What are your thoughts on her response? For that matter, how would you answer the query?

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tamekia payne said...

This is a great article. Both BDPA and DFLA could gain from additional exposure. I can see Tynesha making an impact on future generations with the academy. It is a true blessing and encouragement to see compassion in action as seen with Destiny Fulfilled Leadership Academy. Keep it up lady!