Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Value of “Cloud” in the Business Technology Ecosystem * Jambey Clinkscales (HP)

There are going to be over 50 tremendous workshops at the 32nd annual BDPA Technology Conference in Philadelphia on July 28-31, 2010. One of those workshops is being presented by HP program manager Jambey Clinkscales. His workshop is entitled The Value of “Cloud” in the Business Technology Ecosystem.   The workshop is in the Technology Track and is scheduled for Thursday, July 29th at 1:30 PM.

Jambey Clinkscales has more than thirty years in the Information Technology (IT) industry with demonstrated success in leadership. He progressed from hands-on network engineering roles to regional and executive management, serving as a Client Delivery Executive and an Account Manager in the Global Financial Markets Group in New York. He provided strategic planning for a global financial enterprise as a Network Tower Lead. Jambey is a problem solver who improves technical operations and alignment with strategic business planning direction.

Jambey established the Regional Ambassador role for EDS’ employee resource group in 2005. By leading regular monthly team meetings the organization expanded its reach from EDS’ corporate headquarters to spread across the US. In 2008 he became the organization’s president and led the integration with classic HP employee resource groups. In 2009 he became the Chairman of the HP Black Employee Leadership Council. He is a member of BDPA New York chapter. He served as a Delegate for New York at the 2007 BDPA Technology Conference in Washington DC. Jambey is in the ITSMF Executive Protégé Program.

Workshop participants will learn the that Cloud Computing is a means by which highly scalable and elastic technology-enabled services can be easily consumed over the internet on an as-needed basis. This workshop addresses these questions; What’s new about cloud? What problems does it uniquely solve? First, from an HP perspective and from a broader industry perspective.

Attendees will also learn about the HP Cloud Discovery Workshop, a powerful representation of decision-making aspects of cloud computing. It is an interactive session with senior consultants to identify strategic cloud related initiatives. Participants build an execution plan and roadmap of projects, design cloud infrastructure, manage cloud-related security, compliance, and governance issues, implement and support cloud-based infrastructure and enable ongoing support and organizational performance.

Finally the workshop will address IT Delivery Models around Public Cloud and Private Cloud delivery. The conclusion and main point is that every service needs to result in the right business outcome. The role of IT - is to source and deliver value. The job of IT will be to ascertain how each technology-enabled service, calibrated to each business outcome, is designed, sourced, delivered, and measured.

You can see a more detailed workshop abstract below.

I encourage BETF-Blog readers to pre-register for this workshop before it is sold out!

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