Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Web Academy Offers Free Online Web Design Courses

BDPA New York chapter member Eric Hamilton is becoming one of our favorite IT professionals. He was the key player in the successful grant proposal with Yahoo! Employee Foundation. He is also one of the world-class workshop presenters at the 2010 BDPA Technology Conference in Philadelphia on July 28-31.

As such, we encourage BETF-Blog readers to enroll in his Web Academy. The Web Academy was founded in 2009. The Web Academy provides FREE web design courses and FREE web development services to the community. 100% of the course work is distance learning taught by live instructors in real time.

In exchange for offering FREE web classes to otheir students, they require students to take on at least 3 web development projects of their choosing. Working on these real life web projects with real web clients gives the students actual work experience in the web industry.

The next class begins on Tuesday September 21, 2010.   The class will cover WordPress, HTML and FBML. HTML is the fundamental language for building web pages. FBML is Facebook's language for building fan pages.  

Please register now before the September 21st reaches capacity!

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