Thursday, July 1, 2010

Drill Questions to Pass the PMP Certification Exam (Elaine Jackson, PMP)

There are over 50 workshops scheduled for the 32nd annual BDPA Technology Conference in Philadelphia on July 28-31, 2010. One of the workshop presenters is Elaine Jackson, PMP.

Elaine Jackson enjoys coaching people on how they can pass the Project Management Certification Exam. For the last six years, her style of coaching involved training individuals to understand the project management processes and knowledge areas, and explaining how to apply that knowledge toward passing the PMP Exam. She applies a holistic approach toward getting students to respond appropriately in test environments.

Elaine Jackson achieved her Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification in 2008 after she conducted several study group sessions for project managers employed at HP. She realized there was a need for students to be encouraged to finish their studying and for them to make a move in their careers.

Elaine perfected the study process to achieve a level where students pass the PMP exam on 1st attempt. Her closing rate is holding at 94%. Students followed her advice by studying hard to achieve improvements in practice tests. Elaine’s goal is to assist Project Managers world-wide in virtual and face-to-face environments to be most ready for the PMP Certification Exam.

She recently completed the Entrepreneurial Training Program. She is on pace for speaking engagements at various events in career development and technology programs that have individuals seeking information on how Project Management can help their careers and how to achieve the PMP Certification.

BDPA is fortunate to have Elaine as a conference workshop presenter. Her workshop is entitled, 'Drill Questions to Pass the PMP Certification'.

  1. Anyone that previously failed the PMP Exam and wants 2nd chance at success
  2. Managers wanting to achieve PMP Certification for career growth
  3. Individuals needing supportive structured coaching to achieve exam ready status
  4. Anyone stuck within the PMP Certification application process
  1. Why is the PMP Certification in such demand?
  2. Why do you need the PMP Certification?
  3. What methods of study lead to success?
This workshop will be highly interactive and participants will be encouraged to think and understand what will be expected during the PMP Exam. A good part of the session will be dedicated to exploring how to answer the PMP questions with accuracy.

The workshop is scheduled for Wednesday, July 28th @ 10:15am. Will you be attending? Do you have any questions about PMP certification that we can discuss in this online forum?

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