Friday, July 30, 2010

HSCC Judge Testimonial: Bruce Armsterd (Health Care Service Corporation)

The 25th annual BDPA High School Computer Competition (HSCC) national championships are over. The winners will be announced tomorrow night. I came across a testimonial written by one of the HSCC judges on a 2010 conference blog created by one of BDPA's corporate sponsors.

Bruce Armsterd is a Messaging and Collaboration manager with Health Care Service Corporation. He wrote:

This is Bruce Armsterd and was my first year volunteering as one of the judges for the 2010 BDPA Student Competition Program. Outside of being amazed by the level of commitment of various corporate professionals. More astonishing is the number of years individuals provide to enhance the level of experience the high schools students are exposed to at each conference. After spending two days with the twenty-two teams, I understand why each person donates their time to this programs. I have been inspired and encouraged by the level of knowledge and thirst for learning that each student participating in this challenging program. I have been amazed by the maturity and commitment of the students ranging from age 15 to 18. The work involved to support our future is far outs shadowed by seeing teens that display the raw talents to be tomorrow’s leaders in IT.

My experience has me firmly dedicated to donating my time to assist our future leaders develop their skills for the future.

BDPA is a truly unique a wonderful organization. It is time for us to truly take our organization to the next level. What say u?

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